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Cabinet Members

Germaine Tarver - Chief Academics Officer

My name is Germaine Tarver, and I am proud to be the Chief of Academics at Freedom Prep Charter School! My team and I are dedicated to providing scholars with engaging, rigorous curricula and instruction that prepare them for success in life today and equip them to reach their highest potential tomorrow.

Our curricula have a common goal, to guide our students to be future-ready learners. All curricula are grounded in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and leverage the skills and content necessary for our students to transfer knowledge within and among disciplines. Our high-quality curricula foster relevance, empowering our students to find themselves in texts and strengthen their knowledge of themselves and the world through the content. The curricula spark wonder and inquiry, creating global citizens who are lifelong learners.

We value our students, who we believe have the ability to change what is not equitable in the world and strengthen what is wonderful about it. We value our teachers who affirm and increase our students’ schema, pushing them to think beyond the text. We believe the union between high-quality curricula and robust instruction advances students to levels of success they had not imagined, both now and in the future.

Dr. Claudio Cerullo - Chief of Climate and Culture

My name is Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo, and I am the Senior Director of Climate and Culture at Freedom Prep Charter School. We believe all scholars have a right to a safe, secure, healthy school environment. With support from our community, our school is committed to promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance.

We strive to give you the information you need to make well-informed decisions for the rights, safety, and well-being of FPCS parents and scholars. We want your educational experience to be positive and rewarding. Your children are very important to us, and we will continually strive to keep them safe both on and off campus. We urge you to help by stressing safety at all times. Please talk to your child about making choices that will help keep them safe.

We look forward to working with you and your scholar this upcoming school year!

Kersteen Forsythe - Chief of Staff

Hello, FPCS! I am Kersteen Forsythe, and I am the Chief of Staff at Freedom Prep Charter School. The Human Resources Department believes that all students deserve equal access to high-quality educators and quality education. Through strategic partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, the Human Resources Team recruits, develops, and retains diverse and high-performing talent in order to foster student growth and success in a healthy and safe environment. We value, encourage, and support our diverse workforce to create a conducive and healthy working environment. These services are accomplished via a teamwork philosophy that is inspired through effective organizational skills, proactive efforts, and a collaborative spirit of professional and personal pride! We look forward to providing you with operational and administrative excellence!

Averyel Sawyer - Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer of Freedom Prep Charter School, my focus is on the design, execution, efficacy, and effectiveness of all operational systems. The Freedom Prep Operations department comprises infrastructure management in a variety of areas. Each school has an operations team, which includes the office managers, who assist our principals and assistant principals on matters including finance and systems, and our operations coordinators, who provide the backbone in all things operations on each school floor. Our goal is to provide world-class customer service for families and scholars, as well as develop systems that are safe and efficient for all stakeholders and shareholders.

Jen Brozoski - Chief of CTE Pathways

My name is Jen Brozoski, and I am thrilled to join the Freedom Prep Charter School family as the Chief of CTE–Career and Technical Education. Career and Technical Education is a phenomenal opportunity that provides scholars with the opportunity to earn industry-valued credentials, college credits, and workforce-based learning experiences. Current research supports that enrollment in CTE programs leads to improved outcomes for participating scholars which includes stronger academic performance, increased high school graduation rates, and higher rates of enrollment in postsecondary programs. Essentially, CTE holds benefits for ALL students, regardless of their future aspirations!