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The Freedom Prep Charter School Core Curriculum includes:

READING: A robust reading program that includes both close reading of a diverse set of non-fiction
texts and whole-class instruction using an on-grade-level text. Scholars also use an additional English Language Arts block to ensure they can appropriately express the ideas and themes they study in Reading.

MATH: Over an hour of Math each day focused on fluency and automaticity with math facts, problem
solving, logic, and critical thinking.

WRITING: Scholars practice writing throughout the curriculum and benefit from a dedicated writing
block each day. This course combines grammar, structural writing and creative writing to ensure scholars fully develop as writers.

SCIENCE: Scholars will engage in a variety of hands-on, inquiry-based lessons that explore such topics as Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology.

HISTORY: Every scholar at Freedom Prep will study Geography, Government, and History.

ELECTIVES: Every FPCS scholar participates in co-curricular activities such as Music, Performing Arts, and Physical Education on a regular basis.